Spec houses at the Sardinia Bay Golf & Wildlife Estate have become a popular alternative for potential buyers.

While many prefer to design their own homes, RE/MAX Bay Properties agent Alan Moore said the option to purchase ready-to-go homes at the Port Elizabeth estate has its attraction.

“To go through the process of building your home can be both exciting and daunting. Some people do not visualise the design and building process that easily and the prospect can be intimidating.”

Moore said these people often preferred purchasing spec houses, which are those that have been specifically pre-designed and built with the intention of sale.

“With a spec house, you are able to walk in and observe the position, flow, how it is fitted out as well as the quality. If the potential buyer likes it, he is able to move straight in.

“When we have a house nearing completion, people can walk through it to get a sense of its size, how it fits onto the plot and what views it has.

“If they decide to purchase it, they can determine finishing touches such as the kitchen, bathrooms, flooring and lighting without having to go through the entire process.”

Moore said nine spec houses had been built and “snapped up” and he was confident the trend would continue as potential buyers got a sense of the estate’s lifestyle the moment they walked through the gates.

With a panel of authorised architects and building teams associated with the estate, Moore said it was also well positioned for those who preferred building their new homes from the ground up.

“Our service provides for facilitation of complete packages, from plot choice to design to construction costing and finishes schedules.”

He said the transfer of land usually took about two months while the time-frame for the building process could vary from six to eight months, depending on the technicalities or size of each house.

An inside view of one of the spec houses at the Sardinia Bay Golf & Wildlife Estate that have become a popular alternative for interested buyers. Photo: Supplied

Issued by: Full Stop Communications