Renovations to the clubhouse and changes to the course of the Sardinia Bay Golf Club will all be completed by the end of January 2018.

With the Sardinia Bay Wildlife Estate growing at a rapid rate, James Blyth, managing director of the club, said some improvements were needed.

Among the changes being made to the golf course are new tee boxes on the second and third holes, which will now be slightly longer.

“We also had to move the tee boxes on the fifth and sixth holes because they were on ground meant for estate plots,” Blyth explained.

“We also made the course a little longer by moving the tee box on the ninth hole.

“The on-course signage, tee box markers and distance markers are all being replaced. These changes will improve the course overall.”

The men’s changing rooms in the clubhouse have been renovated as well. “We’ve built four showers,” Blyth said, “and will add changing rooms and shower facilities for female members in the new year.

“We need all these improvements to be able to host golf events.”

The kitchen in the clubhouse has been extended in preparation for a new restaurant, which will be named the Frosty Guv’nor.

“We are offering a good golf membership deal at the moment and several new members have already joined,” Blyth said.

The changes and improvements will undoubtedly delight residents living on the estate.

“It will be great for the homeowners and the community. There will be more opportunities for getting together and the golf-course upgrades will benefit everyone.

“I’ve been here since the beginning, and it’s wonderful to see how quickly the estate is growing. It really is a great community, so it’s worth our while to make these improvements,” he added.

The renovations to the clubhouse should be completed by the end of January.

Most of the work on the golf course has already been completed. The tee box on the ninth hole will be ready early in the new year.

The Sardinia Bay Golf & Wildlife Estate is now recognised as having a full-length nine-hole golf course.
Photo: Full Stop Communications

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