Port Elizabeth’s Flourish Deli will introduce their plant-based, cruelty-free and environmentally friendly concept to TOPS at SPAR Goodnight Market visitors at the Tramways Building in Port Elizabeth on October 18.

Phillipa Linder and Robyn Furstenburg, both 24, are the dynamic twosome focusing on a greener, kinder and healthier way to enjoy the way you eat.

“Our ingredients are family secrets – just kidding, although there are some,” said Furstenburg.

“We specialise in all things plant-based, whether that be market meals such as our carrot hotdog and mushroom, lentil and walnut burger, or the dessert you crave after a meal, like our sticky-plum plant-based cheesecake.”

Furstenburg added that they would offer something else the market had been waiting for in the form of their deli goods.

“These consist of a variety of different products ranging from a lentil pâté to a baked ‘cheese’, a plant-based cream cheese or nut yoghurt, just to mention a few.

“As Flourish progresses, so will our products. We are so excited about what the future holds for us,” she said.

Their partnership had worked from day one, according to Furstenburg.

“It all started with a conversation during a walk on Sardinia Bay beach. Sharing a deep passion for plant-based food and a health-driven lifestyle with a little bit of a sweet tooth, we decided we’d like to take this passion to others and create a place for them to enjoy and share it with us.

“We are excited to be able to express what can be done with simple vegetables in creating beautiful meals, deli items and sweet treats. Plant-based eating is very exciting once you get creative.”

The market was ideal for their products, she said, adding that they couldn’t wait to start sharing their passion and creations with people.

“What we love about the Goodnight Market is the diversity that has been created by the organisers. It caters for every type of taste and preference.”

Furstenburg said visitors could look forward to a menu featuring highlights such as their home-baked breakfast cup, “arguably the most beautiful one you will ever have had”, and their soon-to-be famous carrot hotdog and mushroom, lentil and walnut burger.

For dessert, they have a few more tricks up their sleeve which they will reveal on the evening.

Their deli items include a home-made berry jam, house relish, plant-based cream-cheese, plant-based salted butter, lentil pâté, nut yoghurt and herbed baked cheese.

“The success behind our products lies with the heart that goes into making them. A lot of preparation and thought goes into each dish, dessert and product that we ourselves enjoy thoroughly first before putting it forward as Flourish,” said Furstenburg.

Their aim was not necessarily to target a specific market but rather to find new, interesting and innovative ways to prepare and create plant-based foods that then attracted people to them.

“The public have loved our foods, desserts and products so far. We can’t wait to show everyone a little more of what we’ve got to give.”

She said they hoped to get people interested in “a greener, kinder and healthier way to enjoy what they eat”.

The monthly artisanal food and craft market, which also presents live entertainment and a tasting area by TOPS at SPAR, will open its doors at 5pm, with all proceeds from the R20 entrance fee going towards the Love Story charity organisation.

TOPS at SPAR Goodnight Market visitors will be introduced to Flourish Deli’s delicious and healthy plant-based creations at the Tramways Building in Port Elizabeth on October 18. Photo: Supplied

Issued by: Full Stop Communications