Habata’s Le Grand Chasseur Estate will treat visitors to a selection of their newest and finest wines at the Kirkwood Wildsfees from June 29 to July 1.

The estate, located in the Robertson area, will be first-time exhibitors at the popular annual winter fair on the banks of the Sundays River in the Eastern Cape.

“The name Habata is well known in the valley and should attract the attention of local visitors especially because the company’s products are already synonymous with exceptional quality,” said Le Grand Chasseur winemaker Carel Botha.

“The thousands of other visitors from elsewhere will also soon ‘discover’ these wines.”

Botha believes their name, friendly staff and delicious wines will see large numbers of people visiting their stall in the food and wine tent.

Wine lovers will be able to purchase their Sauvignon Blanc 2018, Chardonnay Unwoooded 2018, Chardonnay Reserve Selection 2016, Cab/Merlot 2018, Pinotage Reserve Selection 2017 and Wit Muskadel 2017 directly from them.

“Each of our wines is unique in its own way, but the Sauvignon Blanc, Cab/Merlot and our dessert wine, the White Muskadel 2017, are usually big favourites.”

The estate recently bottled Sauvignon Blanc 2018, Chardonnay Unwoooded 2018, Cab/Merlot 2018 and Pinotage Reserve Selection 2017.

Botha said they only made estate wines and bottled just the best wines in their cellar.

“Le Grand Chasseur Estate is an old wine farm (established in 1881), but only recently after Habata bought the farm did they again bottle wine and make it available to the public.”

Last year a Habata label was designed to replace the previous Le Grand Chasseur label and from now on all their wines would boast this new trademark, he said.

“We now market all our wines under the Habata name, but still mention Le Grand Chasseur Estate as it is still the farm and registered estate name.”

Not any wine can be called an estate wine. For a wine to claim that title it must be produced, made and bottled on the specially registered estate.

You have to cultivate the vineyard yourself, make the wine in your own cellar on the farm and then bottle that wine on the same premises.

Botha said you could not, therefore, buy grapes or wine from another region or farm, bottle it under your own name and then call it an estate wine.

“If a wine doesn’t taste nice, then you have missed the purpose of wine-making. I feel all our wines create an incredible mouthfeel and should appeal to most wine drinkers.”

Le Grand Chasseur recently bottled Sauvignon Blanc 2018, Chardonnay Unwoooded 2018, Cab/Merlot 2018 and Pinotage Reserve Selection 2017, which will be on offer at the Kirkwood Wildsfees in the Eastern Cape at the end of the month. Photo: Supplied

Issued by: Full Stop Communications