Habata Agri are one of the largest citrus producers in South Africa, specifically with their wide range of orange varieties.

These are exported for the overseas market, and also marketed for local consumption.

But the versatile fruit can be used for many purposes other than eating. Here are 10 handy ways to use oranges in your home.

1) Citrus cleaner

The peels of oranges are excellent for making a natural citrus cleaner to use around the home. Mix them with white vinegar in a jar and let the solution stand for two weeks, shaking it every day. After two weeks, remove the peels and use the solution for cleaning.

2) Prevent bad odours in your rubbish

Do not throw away the peels that were used to make the citrus cleaner. Put a few in the rubbish bin every now and then to keep bad odours away.

3) Sink cleaner

Cleaning your sink can become a nightmare. Make your life easier by using oranges to accomplish this task. Dip half an orange in salt and use it to scrub your sink. Then rinse it thoroughly.

4) Pomander

Make an orange pomander by taking advantage of the citrus scent, in combination with cloves. Take a toothpick and make holes in an orange; each hole just big enough to hold a clove. Bake the oranges on low for an hour or until they have hardened. Allow them to cool and then place them in bowls that can be used to freshen up cupboards, bathrooms and kitchens. These can also be used to repel moths.

5) Natural repellent for cats

The citrus scent of oranges can be used to keep cats away from gardens and houseplants. Place dried skins around the plants to deter the cats.

6) Peel face mask

Oranges are packed with vitamins and minerals. To make an orange peel face mask, grate some dried orange skins and then mash them until they become a powder. Then add water or milk to create a paste. This mask can be applied to the face and body for general skincare.

7) Lump-free brown sugar

A lack of moisture in an air-tight container can cause your brown sugar to become lumpy. You can prevent this from happening by placing a 5cm-wide piece of peel in the container, which provides the required level of moisture.

8) Fire starters

Orange oil can be used a natural fire starter. Press the oil from some peels onto dryer lint and place this, along with some small dry sticks, under the larger pieces of wood and light.

9) Homemade oil

Small pieces of orange peels can be added to a bottle of olive oil for use with salads. Fill a bottle with extra virgin olive oil, some orange peels and dried cranberries or fresh herbs. Close the bottle and store in a dark place. Shake every few days. Remove the herbs after two to three weeks and the oil is ready for use

10) Herbal tea

Herbal teas have become a popular drink, which has an array of health benefits. To make your own homemade orange-infused tea, bring two cups of water to the boil in a pot on a stove. Place some dried-out or fresh orange skins in the pot and boil for 10 minutes. In that time, take a tea bag and place it in a glass jug. Remove the orange skins from the pot and pour the orange-infused water onto the tea bag. Let it stand for about a minute and sweeten to taste.

Habata Agri are one of the largest citrus producers in South Africa, specifically with their wide range of orange varieties, which can be used for much more than eating. Photo: Naomi Koelemans

Issued by: Full Stop Communications