Spotting a buck from your bathroom is par for the course in Port Elizabeth’s premier nature-focused development.

Gill and Roy Tustin’s move to Sardinia Bay Golf & Wildlife Estate late last year has brought them the best of all worlds: free-roaming game, safe walking trails, security, golf and a family-friendly environment.

“The benefits of living here are numerous. It’s so peaceful and quiet,” says Roy.

“We both enjoy nature, so it’s an absolute pleasure to sit on the deck at any time and enjoy nature at its best. We often have game wandering past our windows, too.”

The Tustins first heard about the estate through Gill’s golfing partners, who had purchased a plot.

“We had a look at a few plots before choosing the one on which we now live. The main attraction, for us, was the open spaces and views.”

Both retired, the Tustins sought a quieter, more tranquil, rural lifestyle after the hustle and bustle of Port Elizabeth’s western suburbs, where they had raised their three daughters.

“Waking up in the morning is amazing. Just this morning, I was cleaning my teeth and looked out the window to see eland staring back at me,” says Roy.

“They then proceeded to drink out of the bird bath. You can’t get much better than that!”

The couple both play golf, which is “a big plus” – but simply walking the estate, surrounded by nature, is enjoyable and relaxing.

A keen birder, Roy regularly takes early strolls, but both delight in trying to spot game, too.

“The zebra are very shy, as are the bushbuck; but most of the other game, such as the wildebeest, impala and blesbok, are relatively easy to see. We also spot eland and springbok every morning.”

The Tustins’ daughters and their families live in town and are regular visitors to the estate.

“At one point, we were typical South Africans, with all our daughters living in London.

“Gradually, they all came back to PE, as tends to happen with the lure of South Africa – and we now have six grandchildren!”

The large extended family gets together at the estate every Sunday for a “really noisy and fun” braai.

Living in paradise, with family just around the corner, is the picture-perfect way to be retired.

“In this environment, when you wake up, you’re immediately in a good mood,” says Roy.

Gill and Roy Tustin love having the best of all worlds at the Sardinia Bay Golf & Wildlife Estate. Photo: Supplied

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