Residents of Sardinia Bay Golf & Wildlife Estate are celebrating the arrival of a fluffy new addition to their family.

A baby zebra, as yet unnamed and of indeterminate sex, was born on the estate in mid-May, bringing the number of local zebras to four.

“It’s one of the most beautiful little animals,” said game manager Abri Pretorius, who has been in his role for a year.

He said it was a positive sign for the health of the game on the estate, which is situated on the lush coastal belt on the outskirts of Port Elizabeth.

“When they reproduce, it means they’re happy and adapting nicely.”

The other three zebras – one male and two females – were sourced from a game farm in Grahamstown and another male and female are being acquired from the nearby Kragga Kamma Game Park.

Pretorius said the birth of the baby zebra was a bonus for the residents of the 100-hectare estate.

“It’s so exciting for them to see it.”

Jane and Don Robertson, who have been living on the estate since last April, were thrilled about the little zebra.

“We’re all over the moon,” said Don. “The people who live here are passionate about animals.”

Jane interjected that this was true even if they regularly “ate” their gardens.

A retired pharmacist, she recently nursed an injured springbok, nicknamed Amber, back to good health.

“Amber was a particularly good pruner,” she quipped.

“The trouble with having indigenous animals is that they like indigenous plants,” explained estate manager Matt Gibbs.

He said the baby zebra and its mother could usually be seen on the estate’s nine-hole golf course at dusk.

“They like the new sweet grass that springs up from the fresh cutting.”

The baby was still feeding off its mother though, said Gibbs.

As part of their regular walks to view the eland, blesbok, impala, springbok and an array of birds that call the estate home, the residents have been keeping a special eye out for the new zebra.

“We want to make sure that it grows up well in becoming an adult animal,” said Don.

“We are concerned just like the family of a human child would be and want to see that it is properly assimilated into the herd,” added Jane.

In addition to its prime location and secure lifestyle, the Sardinia Bay Golf & Wildlife Estate’s strong sense of community was a big drawcard, said Jane.

The birth of a baby zebra in mid-May was an exciting event in the lives of the residents of Sardinia Bay Golf and Wildlife Estate. Photo: Nigel Campbell

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