The Pinarello Dogma F8, being touted as the most aerodynamic bike on the planet, was launched at this year’s Critérium du Dauphiné with the main aim of carrying Team Sky’s Chris Froome to victory in the Tour de France.

Although Froome crashed out of the Tour, his team played an instrumental part in developing the newest version of the bike from the Dogma 65.1 series, which has raked in an estimated 65 World Tour victories.

Team Sky brought one of their sponsors, Jaguar Land Rover, on board and issued the challenge: “Make it the same, but make it faster”.

The English auto manufacturer did just that by increasing the aerodynamics of the bike by a whopping 47%, which is no mean feat. Further marginal gains were achieved by looking at ways to improve individual components.

The Onda fork’s legs now splay out a little wider, a design perhaps borrowed from Pinarello’s time-trial bike, the Bolide.

In a design they call “Flatback profile”, the down and seat tubes consist of truncated airfoil that tricks the wind into thinking the tubes are longer than they actually are.

This, along with the fork adjustment, increases the aerodynamic profile of the bike.

The top tube has also been flattened, achieving a weight loss of about 120g when compared to the 65.1.

These modifications also translate into increased stiffness (12 per cent to be exact), making the bike more responsive.

The bicycle marque’s long-time partner, Toray, have given them exclusive rights to use the T1100 1K Dream Carbon, which, until now, has only been used in aviation and represents the cutting edge in nanoalloy technology.

Pinarello decided to stay with their classic asymmetric shape, and their drivetrain is no exception. The design ensures that the pedalling is counter balanced and that the energy a rider expends goes directly into propelling the bike forward.

When testing the bike for the first time in Nice, Froome was suitably impressed with the additions, noting: “All the power from your legs is transferred to the road without any flex or movement”.

Another feature that was carried over from the 65.1 to the F8 is the fact that it can accommodate either a mechanical or electrical groupset, depending on preference.

The idea of spoilt for choice is carried further with the Pinarello My-Way™ personalisation system, which is an online feature. It allows riders to customise their Pinarello F8, print out the specs and take it to their nearest Pinarello dealer.

Although these customisations are purely cosmetic (mostly colours), it’s fun to play around with when you’re thinking of purchasing the bike that was on the most feared UCI team’s wish list.

• Features:
• Frame: Torayca T1100 1K Nanoalloy Carbon
• Fork: Onda F8™ Torayca T1100 1K Nanoalloy Carbon 1″ 1/8 ~ 1″ 1/2 integral system
• Rear stay: Onda RS F8™ Torayca T1100 1K Nanoalloy Carbon
• Bottom bracket: Italian
• Frame weight: 860g (Size 54)
• Sizes: Sloping 42.0, 44.0, 46.5, 47, Standard 50.0, 51.5, 53.0, 54.0, 55.0, 56.0, 57.5, 59.5, 62.0
• Frame colours (Stocking): Available now: 950 Naked Black/Red, 952 Gloss Black/Red
• Frame colours (Stocking): Available this Spring: 953 Gloss Black/Yellow Fluo, 955 Gloss Titan/Orange Fluo, 956 Gloss Red/White/Silver, 957 BoB (Matte frame with Gloss F8 logo)
• Frame colours (Special order): 951 Naked Black/Silver, 954 Gloss White/Black/Red, 958 Team Sky (Matte Black with Sky Blue), 959 Naked Black (Gloss Silver logos), My-Way™

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