The golf club at the Sardinia Bay Golf & Wildlife Estate has adopted a more informal setting and simplified menu to cater for the needs of their customers.

Golf club general manager Stephen Volker says this shift of focus – from what started out as the more informal Frosty Guv’nor restaurant – creates a more relaxed atmosphere for golfers.

While achieving this, he says it does not affect estate residents, who are welcome to partake in the light meals or order takeaways from the kitchen.

The move also does not rule out the special evenings on certain Fridays, which are open to residents and the public.

“We found ourselves in a situation where the golfers were missing out due to the nature of a restaurant,” he explains.

“It was felt we should really be offering the sort of catering that is more in line with our status as a golf facility; aimed at satisfying those visiting our course.

“We have gone to a one-page menu, which includes a basic breakfast and meals such as toasted sandwiches. There are also pizza specials on Friday nights.

“But, basically, we are now a more informal eatery.”

Volker adds that they arrange special evenings once a month, citing a popular steak evening they had recently.

“We labelled it ‘Steak on the Flames’, had some live music and it was very festive.”

Although they predominantly attract homeowners to these evenings, which are advertised through the various WhatsApp groups, they are also open to the public.

“This winter we envisage evenings with curry or soups on the menu, but we have gone for more of a club-type environment which helps to keep the prices at a reasonable level.”

Visitors can enjoy delicious meals and refreshments while overlooking this beautiful view at the Sardinia Bay golf club. Photo: Full Stop Communications

Issued by: Full Stop Communications