When Ray and Carla Bibby scouted for a home that would offer them some “peace and quiet”, they found it – and much more – at Sardinia Bay Golf and Wildlife Estate.

“We wanted something that was totally different from living in the suburbs and have certainly found that here,” says Carla, who was initially won over by the allure of the estate lifestyle.

“There is no noise and no traffic and I would recommend a move here to anyone.”

She adds that they were able to design their house in such a way that they could create a degree of privacy without losing out on the interaction with the wildlife or the community.

“This has been a very good move for us,” says Carla, even though an overseas move is on the cards. The overriding benefit for her has been the variety of options on their doorsteps.

“There are plenty of things to do here,” she explains, admitting to a tinge of sadness over the impending relocation. “For example, the golf course is right on our doorstep.

“And then if you want to visit the recreation centre for a game of tennis or a swim it is just a stroll down the road.

“Activities like Pilates classes are held at the rec centre and you are just a few kilometres away from the Sardinia Bay beach. There are so many options here.”

She adds that the Grass Roof restaurant is a dining option bordering the estate, while they often use the catering facility at the nearby golf clubhouse.

“If we don’t want to cook, we can just order pizzas or burgers from the golf club, so that is really convenient.”

Besides the convenience factor, Carla says the peaceful nature of the estate and the proximity of wildlife make it a special place to live.

“That for me is one of the best things about staying here. You wake up in the morning, look out your window and there is game grazing virtually right next to your house.

“And there is no problem if you want to go for a walk because there is enough space for humans and the wildlife.”

Another positive aspect for Carla is the fact that living in a peaceful environment does not translate into any hassle if you need supplies.

“For example, Walmer Park is very close and there are other shops even closer.

“And I am able to use the road through Theescombe to get to places like Makro. There is a perception among some people that it is far out, but it is hardly out of town at all.

“It is so tranquil out here, but yet you are not more than 10 minutes away from some major shopping centres.”

In her 18 months at the estate, Carla says she has noticed a change in the age dynamic of people buying plots and building houses.

“When we came here it seemed it was more elderly couples who were settling at Sardinia. But now we see younger couples becoming interested because it is so safe for children to run around and play with each other.”

Carla Bibby (pictured) and husband Ray found everything they needed and more at Sardinia Bay Golf & Wildlife Estate in Port Elizabeth. Photo: Full Stop Communications

Issued by: Full Stop Communications