Seedless watermelons are one of the major crops produced by Habata Agri in the Sundays River Valley and the juicy fruit’s crisp flavour can provide a refreshing alternative in the hot days ahead.

Therefore, with the height of the summer approaching, this article takes a look at a few options for using watermelons to combat the seasonal heat during December to February.

Ever thought of using a watermelon as the actual receptacle for creating an unusual summer drink?

This can be done by cutting a hole in the watermelon about the size of a paper cup. Cut through to the fleshy part and remove that section of the peel.

Using a hand blender to blend the fruit inside the watermelon until you have reduced it to a fairly thick liquid.

Remove a glass of the blended fruit liquid and add to the watermelon chopped up mint leaves, some lemon juice and any mixer you may desire.

Once the contents are well mixed within the skin of the watermelon, cut away the bottom part of a paper cup to form a funnel.

Insert this into the hole you made in the watermelon so it fits snugly and pour the contents into glasses filled with ice.

Add some soda water to give it zest and sit back to enjoy a refreshing summer drink with a difference.

Another favourite at this time of year could be the watermelon lollipop, for which you will need lollipop sticks and plastic mugs to act as moulds.

Blend two cups of cubed watermelon with two tablespoons of lime juice and seven chopped-up mint leaves in a food processor.

Once mixed thoroughly, pour into the plastic mugs and insert the sticks. To hold the stick upright, an idea is to cover the mug and base of the stick with tinfoil.

Pop them into the freezer and once solid, your lollipops are ready to enjoy.

A good suggestion is to pour warm water over the mug, which will help to release the lollipop.

Ice is always a commodity in demand during summer and you can use watermelons to make something different.

Pour half a cup of sugar and half a cup of water into a saucepan. Stir until the sugar is dissolved and then transfer this mixture to a bowl with ice and cold water, stirring until cold.

Blend chunks of watermelon from a fruit about a kilogram in size with the mixture and lemon juice. Pour the final mix through a sieve into ice-trays and let them set in the freezer for at least eight hours.

Once set, enjoy a cooling treat on a blazing hot summer’s day.

A range of refreshing treats can be made from Habata’s seedless watermelons for the hot summer. Photo: Supplied

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