Mustard Deli has developed a reputation for twisting the classics and will offer its interesting flavours and products to TOPS at SPAR Goodnight Market visitors at the Tramways Building in Port Elizabeth on Thursday.

The handcrafted and home-grown local business, run by husband-and-wife team Anthony and Stephanie Liebetrau Vieira da Cruz, focuses on artisanal wholegrain mustards, jams and deli products with interesting flavours.

Four years ago they began specialising in mustards and currently they produce more than 30 flavours, including their sugar-free range.

“Signature mustards are roasted garlic and balsamic, spicy jalapeno, honey and whiskey, tequila and lime and our bacon, onion and whisky jam is legendary,” said Anthony. He added that the latter top-seller took five hours to make and was originally developed to turn a plain burger into a gourmet burger.

“All our products are made in small batches with quality ingredients and contain no preservatives, colourants, bulking agents or flavourants.”

He added that most of their mustards were vegan-friendly and all were hand-crafted from scratch.

In May they introduced Mr Mustard Beard Oil as a new product range.

“Two years ago I seriously started growing my beard,” said Anthony, who has become known as Mr Mustard, The Mustard Man and lately The guy with the Beard and Mustards.

“Complete strangers would walk up to me and ask what I used to make my beard. There’s only so many times you can say that it’s in the genes and I’m lucky that we realised it held an entrepreneurial opportunity.”

He said his wife decided it was time to create beard oil for “The Creature”, as she called it. She had more than 15 years’ experience working with organic and essential oils, as well as making her own products.

“Our mustards are often bought as gifts, especially during November and December. The one thing we constantly hear is that there is a shortage of men’s gifts. The beard oil just fits in with our mustards to make great gifts,” said Anthony.

The company has been part of the market since the beginning and the innovative duo felt they owed a lot to it, especially for its insistence on excellence and all things artisanal.

“When the Valley Market began we were constantly encouraged and challenged to improve our brand, stall, look and product range.

“A lot of our products were born as we wanted to keep our brand experience fresh for our market customers.

“My wife is an artist and does all my designs, labels and graphics, so it has challenged us both creatively.”

Anthony added that they enjoyed giving visitors a culinary experience by tasting their 20-plus different flavours of mustard and bacon jam.

He said they also felt passionate about the health benefits of mustard seeds and how versatile a great mustard could be in the pantry. “A black pepper and lemon mustard can completely transform the humble potato salad or mash.”

Fans can also look forward to their new gin-and-tonic mustard, which is planned to be at the market soon.

“The second product will hopefully be a collaboration with Rushka Johnson from Death by Coffee; to use her coffee beans in a mustard.”

The monthly market, which also presents live entertainment and a tasting area by TOPS at SPAR, will open its doors at 5pm, with the R20 entrance fee going towards the Love Story charity organisation.

TOPS at SPAR Goodnight Market visitors can look forward to an array of mustard flavours and beard oil products from the Mustard Deli and Mr Mustard Beard Oil at the Tramways Building in Port Elizabeth on Thursday. Photo: Stephanie Liebetrau Vieira Da Cruz

Issued by: Full Stop Communications