As the trend in gardening shifts away from exotic plants, it is no wonder that Sardinia Bay Golf & Wildlife Estate has selected indigenous expert Barbara Eke as their preferred landscaper.

For Eke, it is of utmost importance that the integrity of the area is preserved and not completely discarded as she brings to life the ideas of her clients.

“My aim is to stick as close as I possibly can to the original space.

“I do this by planting only indigenous plants and, if feasible, I only make use of natural materials.”

Eke aims to maintain a harmonious relationship between nature and her designs by predominantly working with naturally occurring flora and features.

The Sardinia Bay estate embraces an environmentally friendly lifestyle and encourages residents to make the most of the abundant birdlife and small game on offer.

For residents who are looking to make the most of the space they are sharing with the estate’s non-taxpaying occupants, Eke has a few tricks up her sleeve.

“There are a number of shrubs and plants that will attract birds and adding birdbaths, feeders and perches will all help to encourage birdlife in a garden.”

However, for residents who enjoy the wildlife but don’t necessarily want to offer up their garden as dinner, Eke suggests natural wooden fences, something she has already done for one of the couples.

“What can also work is if you plant shrubs or trees that have a pungent odour at the edge of the garden. Animals don’t like the smell so they will try to avoid these trees.”

As the gated community allows only indigenous flora, residents have access to a list of permissible plants.

Eke says the list referred to plants’ Latin names and she is busy “translating” these into layman language.

To help residents get started as they settle in, Eke offers a free landscaping consultation.

While she does not offer a maintenance service, she does provide clients with a list of care instructions for the various plants to ensure the ongoing pleasure of their new garden.

“For me the greatest reward is coming back after a few months and seeing the enjoyment clients get from their gardens once it has had a chance to flourish.”

After an initial consultation, Barbara will photograph the site and then produce sketches. These allow her clients to see her visions more clearly. Photo: Supplied

Issued by: Full Stop Communications