The Han-Made home-made ice cream brand has become a favourite for visitors to the monthly SPAR Goodnight Market at the Tramways Building in Port Elizabeth.

Just in time for summer, owner Hannah Mclean will present her delicious flavours at the next market on Thursday, November 15.

“We have approximately 20 flavours of ice cream that are in circulation,” said Mclean.

“Some of the most popular ones are peanut butter, biscuit crumble, Kit Kat and fudge choc-chip. We also do some more deluxe flavours like Turkish Delight or lemon meringue.”

She added that they were all made from full fresh cream and other high-quality ingredients.

“At the market we will have our full range of delicious and creamy ice creams to sell.

“It is also one of the very few brands left that’s still made with full fresh cream and I promise you you can taste the difference.”

Mclean said she loved being involved in the market and had been attending it for years.

“It has such a great atmosphere and vibe and it’s a wonderful place to meet customers.

“We also love doing birthday parties, weddings and other events. It’s always time for ice cream. Everybody loves ice cream,” she said.

Han-Made was established in 2013 when Mclean created “a very delicious batch” of ice cream and was encouraged to try and sell it.

“I started making it and selling from a friend’s coffee shop while still working full-time as a school teacher. As the business grew, I took on fewer teaching hours and focused more on the company.

“I’m passionate about food quality and delicious desserts, and that shines through with this brand.”

The popular market also offers live entertainment and a tasting area by TOPS at SPAR. Doors will be open from 5pm to 9pm with the R20 entrance fee going towards the Love Story charity organisation.

Owner Hannah Mclean is back with her delicious Han-Made ice cream flavours for the next SPAR Goodnight Market at the Tramways Building in Port Elizabeth on Thursday, November 15. Photo: Abo Explores

Issued by: Full Stop Communications