Participants in next year’s Old Mutual joBerg2c will enjoy a much smoother ride courtesy of new supply sponsor Squirt, organisers have announced.

“At the second water point on each of the nine days, riders will be able to enjoy a full spread laid on by the local communities while lubing up with Squirt at the same time,” said one of the organisers Craig Wapnick.
Squirt founder Dewet Marais of Bikinventions said the 910-kilometre race was the perfect event to put the dry lube product through its paces.

“The demands on a chain lube are significantly higher in a race of this nature. No or minimal drive train maintenance is required when using Squirt, making the life of the rider so much easier.”

Marais said the long-lasting dry lube could be used on road bikes too but was particularly suited to the mountain biking environment.

“Because wet lubes remain wet and sticky, they pick up sand, dust and dirt. These elements form a grinding paste that destroys the drive train, impairs shifting and causes chain suck.”

He said Squirt’s liquid base evaporated after application, leaving behind a cleaner, longer lasting wax lubricant.

Gavin Richardson of Fit Sports Laboratories, Squirt’s national distributor, said the product’s eco-friendly composition also made it ideal for preserving the pristine environment along the route.

“It’s 100% biodegradable. Every time a rider crosses a stream with a non-biodegradable lube, a little contaminant washes off into the eco-system.

“This seems negligible, until 600 riders cross 10 streams per day for nine days. Then you have the effect of 54 000 little contaminations.”

Marais said he was looking forward to being involved with the event as it celebrated the love of pure mountain biking while showing concern for the environment and community.

“The quality of the race (and riders) provides a great opportunity to showcase our product.”

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