Winter Warmers

A vehicle dealership’s Winter Warmers initiative to keep needy children in Makhanda fully clothed during the coldest time of the year has gone from zero to sixty overnight.

The campaign, arranged by Kelston Isuzu, led to the collection of loads of clothing and blankets for a cash-strapped safe haven in the town.

It all started at the height of winter when the dealership asked the public to drop off warm items at a collection point in the building.

These were gifted to the Home of Joy, an informal establishment that cares for homeless babies and children.

Sales manager Duifie Nieuwoudt said that the generosity of the community had enabled the dealership to donate three bakkie loads of garments.

Visibly touched by the plight of the facility following one of the drop-offs, he urged the public to continue donating items at the dealership’s premises in Hill Street.

“We would really like to assist where we can for as long as we can as it’s heart-breaking to see these little children of three years and younger and the tough position they are in.

“We will try to get further donations of any sort to provide for the Home of Joy because we know that Mamma Margaret needs all the help she can get.

Winter Warmers

Kelston Isuzu sales manager Duifie Nieuwoudt (second from left) delivers a bakkie load of warm garments to Nomalungelo Margaret Ngcangca (second from right) at the Home of Joy safe haven in Makhanda as part of the dealership’s Winter Warmers drive. Photo: Supplied

“How she does this is beyond me. She (Nomalungelo Margaret Ngcangca) truly is a wonder woman.”

He doffed his hat to the residents of the town who opened their hearts to support the project.

“It has been amazing to see how the community can stand together in situations like these. There was fantastic support from so many people and we really do appreciate all the efforts.

“It would not be possible to have initiatives such as these without input from the Makhanda community, so we are extremely grateful to everyone who has contributed.

“We were able to collect blankets, clothes and shoes,” he said. “To see the smiles on the faces of the children when we made the donations was priceless.”

Nieuwoudt said the drive was the perfect way for Kelston Isuzu to support the local community.

“It really is good to be able to give back to the people of Makhanda and in this way we are able to say thank you for all the support that they have given us over the years.”

He said that the dealership would continue with its efforts to give back to the community and that several projects were already under discussion.