The Sardinia Bay Golf & Wildlife Estate in Port Elizabeth will have an open day for potential buyers from 3pm to 5pm on Sunday, August 18.

The estate on the southern outskirts of the metro, which is just 10 minutes from some of the city’s major suburban centres, has proved a popular choice for homeowners in search of lifestyle properties.

Only a handful of stands remain from the first two phases, which comprise a total of 91 plots.

Estate agents Alan Moore and Leon Erasmus of RE/MAX Bay Properties, who market the development, are keen to showcase what is available, in particular two recently completed spec houses.

Moore says the open day will be a perfect opportunity to see first-hand what the estate, which includes a nine-hole golf course and a variety of wild game, has to offer.

Sardinia Bay Estate plot 84

The Sardinia Bay Golf & Wildlife Estate in Port Elizabeth will hold an open day from 3pm to 5pm on Sunday, August 18. Photo: Supplied

“It will be similar to the show house scenario many agents hold over weekends, but this will be an opportunity to get a very special feel for the surroundings by driving through the estate,” he says.

“In addition, houses on plots 84 and 89 have just been completed and are available for viewing. It will give potential buyers a good idea of what living on the estate can be like.

“They really look fantastic and are the best value propositions on the market at Sardinia at the moment.”

Erasmus says the houses are ready for occupation and that new owners will be able to move in almost immediately.

“You would just need to choose your own fittings and interior style but they are ready-to-go houses,” he says.

“From a process that normally takes eight months you can take occupation in just two.”

Moore says they want to use the chance to view the spec houses as a launching pad for the open day opportunity.

“We will activate the open days on a week-to-week basis and anyone who is interested can meet us at the sales office at the front gate between 3pm and 5pm on Sundays.

“Besides the spec houses, we will also take interested persons on a tour of the estate so that they can see the possibilities that exist and experience the overall atmosphere of living in the country while also being so close to the city.”

Information, he says, will be made available on various aspects of the estate.

“For instance, we have brochures which set out the estate’s pricing and what houses or plots are available.

“We also have a form with frequently asked questions that will be available for anyone wanting to know more about the estate.”