Of all the things that Port Elizabeth businessman Gavin Hogg likes about the Sardinia Bay Golf and Wildlife Estate, it is the array of activities available which stand out.

Hogg and his wife Hazelle have purchased a plot on the estate and are expecting to move into their new house towards the end of the year.

Eager to set up a home in the area, Hogg says they “shopped around quite a bit” before settling on a plot in the Sardinia Bay estate, which they bought a year ago.

“That caused a bit of tension between me and my wife because we have been committed to paying the levies in that time,” chuckles Hogg.

“But I saw the potential in the plot that I wanted, so we went ahead with the purchase and we could not have been happier with our choice.”

He adds that it is important for them to have access to some sort of social network and feels that Sardinia Bay ticks all the right boxes.

“To be honest, there were plenty of incentives which drew us to Sardinia Bay, including the rec centre and tennis court scenario. Plus we have a lot of friends on the estate, which ensures plenty of interaction.

“The whole lifestyle aspect of the estate, with animals on your doorstep and protection from the wind, also appealed to us, as well as the security, which is top-notch.

“There just seems to be so many opportunities for social interaction, whether it is hikes being organised, tennis groups or functions at the rec centre – that is one of the big things that drew us here.”

Hogg adds that virtually stepping out of your house onto a golf course has its advantages as well.

“Look, I must be honest,” he says, “I am a member elsewhere and will continue to play my golf there. But this course is a wonderful opportunity to play with your family or wife, so the convenience factor cannot be overrated.”

He is super impressed with the support he received from the homeowners’ association when it came to submitting plans for his house.

“There are some architectural guidelines you have to follow and whenever there was an issue with the way I wanted things done it was resolved by the HOA,” he recalls.

“We received massive support from them and we will always be grateful for the assistance provided by HOA chairman Ian Hughes and the association.”

Furthermore, even though they have yet to move onto the estate, Hoggs says they have been made to feel “very welcome”.

“We have been included in all the communications and have made new friends through this, so this sort of environment has us extremely excited about moving here.

“This is especially the case with my wife, who can’t wait to become involved in the community activities.”

He adds that the wildlife was another important selling point.

“We both enjoy that element and we are fortunate to have a watering point in front of our property, so that is a big plus.”

The tennis court at the rec centre is one of the incentives which drew Port Elizabeth businessman Gavin Hogg and his wife to the Sardinia Bay Golf & Wildlife Estate. Photo: Full Stop Communications

Issued by: Full Stop Communications