Families looking for a party venue have been taking full advantage of the recently completed recreation centre on the Sardinia Bay Golf & Wildlife Estate in Port Elizabeth.

The Janse van Rensburgs, who moved into the residential estate in December, are a case in point.

They hosted two diverse birthday celebrations over the weekend – one for six-year-old Martin on Saturday morning followed by a dual bash in the evening for father Severius and mother Sanel’s brother-in-law.

According to Sanel, the facilities catered for everyone and both parties went down a treat.

Martin and his friends hit the swimming pool early on before partaking in a variety of races and other fun activities on the grassed area adjacent to the tennis court.

“They absolutely loved it,” she said.

“At the same time the parents were having drinks on the patio, socialising and just having a good time.”

The venue remained open to residents while the kids were enjoying themselves outside, but they had an exclusive booking for the evening festivities.

The facility, she said, ticks all the catering, seating and entertainment boxes.

“Finger eats and platters were going around the whole night and we used the built-in braai on the veranda for the meats.

“We didn’t have to take anything with us. Glasses, cups and plates are all there and the kitchen has a nice big fridge for drinks.

“All cleaning utensils were also available for us to use.”

Some adults watched sport on the recently installed television set while the youngsters immersed themselves in table tennis on the porch.

“Everything just works.”

At one point she became concerned that the music might be too loud for the surrounding residents.

“I walked to the end of the parking lot and couldn’t hear any of it. I would never have been able to play that volume of music in my house.

“Neither would I have been able to cater for so many people.”

Including the kids, the centre comfortably hosted 25 revellers at the morning party and 28 in the evening.

Residents are also able to enjoy each other’s company next to the outdoor fire pit on summer evenings and the fireplace on wintery nights.

Residents live a stone’s throw from the centre and, according to Sanel, her offspring walk there and back at least three times per week.

“They especially enjoy the swimming pool and often take picnic snacks along.

“The centre is open all day, every day for us to enjoy. There’s even an outside shower, which is very welcome on a hot day.”

Sardinia Bay Golf & Wildlife Estate residents looking for a party venue need to look no further than the recently completed recreation centre. Photo: Supplied

Issued by: Full Stop Communications