South African cyclists are poised to add a significant element of style to their riding in 2019 with the premium Spanish brand of Luck shoes available in the country through Positive Sports Solutions.

The deal with the Spanish company was finalised in October and the first consignment of their wide range of shoes arrived in South Africa just after mid-December.

Positive Sports Solutions product and technical manager David Pieterse said there had been much interest from customers in the Luck models.

“Due to the wide range of colours that are available we have had a high demand because cyclists always have a preference to match their shoe colours with their kit or bike colours,” he said.

“Besides that, cyclists also like to personalise their shoes and the availability of this option is an important element for our customers.”

Pieterse added, however, that it was not just the colour variety which made Luck shoes popular among cyclists.

“Our target market covers cyclists at all levels and we have shoes which are applicable from a budget level to the high-end users,” he said.

“In addition, the range of shoes covers the disciplines of mountain-biking and road cycling, as well as options for triathlon road and mountain-biking.”

He said the flagship models in the Luck range were the Ator road shoe and the Avatar mountain-biking shoe.

“These shoes incorporate all the latest technology to produce the best possible product, while the good news for customers is that they come at an affordable price.”

Pieterse said cyclists could go to the company’s website ( to view the options or models available.

“They can choose their model and add the design and colours they would like.

“We have the shoes in stock in all levels and those we need to order specially will be here within two weeks. They are also available in retail outlets.”

In the past 15 months, Positive Sports Solutions has negotiated a number of contracts to provide cyclists with quality products at affordable prices.

These are distributed to countries in the Southern African Development Community, covering a wide range of cyclists.

Besides premium brands such as HEAD bikes, Gipiemme wheels, Westfalia bike carriers and Controltech products, the cycling distribution company added Luck shoes and RYDERS eyewear to its considerable portfolio in the latter stages of 2018.

The premium Spanish brand of Luck shoes, available in South Africa since December, have become a hit with local cyclists due the range and colours available. Picture: Supplied

Issued by: Full Stop Communications