The Sardinia Bay Golf & Wildlife Estate was just what Johannesburg residents Jane and Don Robertson were looking for when they scouted retirement homes at the coast in April 2015.

The couple had lived in Johannesburg for over 40 years and initially considered coastal towns like Kenton-on-Sea and Port Alfred.

But, at their age where they might need medical attention “now and then”, they decided it would be wiser to live closer to a city like Port Elizabeth.

The Robertsons explored several estate options, but none grabbed their fancy in any way.

“We were looking for a secure estate close to the coast,” recalled Jane. “Truth be told, we didn’t even know of Sardinia Bay back then.

“We were getting a bit concerned that we weren’t finding anything and decided to drive down to the beach and that’s when we discovered the estate.

“We went in, had a look around and just realised how beautiful it was. It was the perfect fit.”

The location and security features were other selling points.

“It’s close to the sea and to town,” said Jane. “We have all our amenities right here while being far enough from the city to feel like we’re living in the country.”

For them, the fencing and security staff add to the attraction of community living.

“It’s nice to have neighbours around you who are not behind closed walls and who we are able to interact with. Yet, we don’t live in each other’s pockets either.

“It’s always nice to have people around you who are like-minded. And even if they’re not, we all get along well.”

The Robertsons belong to a walking group, which do weekly walks from the estate to the beach.

“I think it is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. I’ve spoken to foreigners who couldn’t stop telling us how beautiful it is.”

The couple chose a relatively isolated plot from where they can enjoy nature and the wildlife.

“The animals are wonderful and very special to us. We are birdwatchers as well and have seen some beautiful species on the estate.

“It’s like living in a bubble, away from all the nonsense of the world.”

Jane Robertson pictured in front of her home that she shares with husband Don at the Sardinia Bay Golf & Wildlife Estate in Port Elizabeth. Photo: Supplied

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