For Natasha Hugo, the Sardinia Bay Golf & Wildlife Estate is the perfect place to start and raise a family.

Hugo has lived on the estate with her husband Pietie and their two young sons, five-year-old Liam and two-year-old Kian, for the past year.

She said the family moved to the estate especially “for my kids”.

“The estate is very secure; it is very safe for my kids to ride on their bikes and go for walks without worrying about anything,” she said.

“They also enjoy seeing the animals that walk around the estate. The animals are also very safe; they absolutely adore them.

“Many of the houses in the estate have open front yards so we don’t feel enclosed.

“We don’t have a fence at all and we are happy with them playing around in the yard, knowing nothing will happen to them.”

The recently built recreation centre was another “big plus”, Hugo said, particularly for her children.

“As the kids get older they will definitely start to enjoy the tennis court and swimming pool at the centre.

“The centre will also be ideal for birthday parties and any social function.

“It’s absolutely great to have that on the estate and not have to go somewhere far from home.”

The community feel at the estate offered an ideal family-orientated atmosphere, Hugo added.

“The estate is not necessarily smaller in area, due to the golf course and widely spread wildlife area, but the residential part is smaller than most estates,” she said.

“This makes it a lot more intimate; people greet each other often and you always see residents walking their dogs.

“With the golf club right beside us there are also gatherings every so often. I just think it’s nice to get to know your neighbours, which definitely happens on the estate.

“In many other suburban areas today you generally don’t even know who stays right next to you.

“It brings back good memories from the old days when neighbours still used to interact. I definitely love that aspect.”

The golf course could be a big attraction for residents on the estate, Hugo felt.

“We don’t play golf yet, but it’s always in the back of our minds to start in the near future,” she said.

“Many people find it easy and convenient to live on the estate next to a golf course. They could just get up in the morning, play a round of golf and then get on with their day.

“Golf is also something where you can get the whole family involved. The kids can come with you and you can make a mini-outing of it.”

The Sardinia Bay Golf & Wildlife Estate is the perfect place to start and raise a family, according to Natasha Hugo, a year-long resident. Photo: Full Stop Communications

Issued by: Full Stop Communications