International sports nutrition brand USN are ready to play an active role in the three-day PwC Great Zuurberg Trek mountain bike race near Port Elizabeth after coming on board as sponsors for the first time.

Besides a strong focus on the event’s recovery zone at the Zuurberg Mountain Village, they will offer a variety of products for riders to sample along the route from May 26.

“After a meeting with the organisers we decided it would be a wonderful opportunity as the race is an exclusive, boutique event in line with our philosophy at USN,” said Lou Vorster from the sales department in the Eastern Cape.

“At the waterpoints we’ll be supplying our bars and energy drinks, while at the finish there will be a recovery drink for riders to try.”

He explained that the recovery zone was a significant part of their involvement.

“These are very important for us as we get a chance to interact with participants. We chat to them, find out what they’re interested in and are able to offer advice if they have any questions.”

Vorster said cyclists tended to stick with products they were comfortable with and had been using for years and to introduce a new product was often quite difficult.

“This is one of the reasons we’re involved at the finish. It gives us a chance to discuss and showcase our products.

“The involvement at the recovery zone is a great opportunity because when riders rush past the waterpoints they often don’t have any idea of what they’re taking.”

He said USN’s involvement would also give participants the chance to test their products before committing to buying them.

“Our endurance products are free from artificial colourant and preservatives so it’s a unique product and something everyone will hopefully enjoy.”

After initial discussions with organisers, Vorster said he hoped the brand would contribute to the future growth of the event.

“I think we’ll definitely get more involved going forward. We all understand how we hope to see the event grow so I think this will be a great partnership.”

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Participants in the 2017 PwC Great Zuurberg Trek will be able to sample products from international sports nutrition brand USN later this month. Photo: Warren Elsom

Issued by: Full Stop Communications