In a move that goes against the modern grain and redefines their all-carbon image, Dutch company Fast Forward recently launched their first aluminium wheelset.

The F2A, which was introduced internationally in early February this year, marks the brand’s foray into manufacturing a wheel that is lighter than the standard full-carbon models.

The change in material also makes the wheelset more affordable without sacrificing quality.

Rory Sprong from ASG Solutions says the model is the perfect companion for taking on road races whether you’re a pro or weekend warrior.

“This wheel really holds its own when it comes to ascents; the lighter wheelset shaves off some of the total weight a rider has to power up that hill. They’ve created a great climbing wheel.”

Like another of ASG Sport’s imports, the Pinarello Dogma, Fast Forward makes use of the principle of asymmetry to ensure no power is lost between pedal strokes and the road.

DT Swiss hubs and spokes, which are hailed as the definition of precision and performance, are put to work on the wheelset and with a history of Grand Tour wins it’s easy to see why it was included.

The spokes number 20 in the front wheel and 24 in the rear, of which only the latter is asymmetrically laid.

This number is carefully chosen so that the wheelset is light but retains a stiffness and rigidity that makes the bike comfortable to handle.

The number of spokes, combined with the wheelset’s material drives the weight down to an admirable 1 470g.

The Ratchet System, which forms part of the DT Swiss Hub, has been designed to offer less resistance when spinning, which translates into a more durable component.

“Riders sometimes need to change between freebodies and the durability of the Ratchet System means that they are getting a product that lasts,” says Sprong.
Durability and lightness are an ongoing motif throughout Fast Forward’s product line. The wheelsets are laced and trued by hand and the tension is tested in every spoke to ensure they’re equal.

The FF F2A is available at leading cycling stores.

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