Avid cyclists can now get the latest gear at the click of a mouse courtesy of the Sidi Online store.

The website, which was officially launched in November last year, allows riders to shop 24 hours a day without leaving their chair or interrupting those precious daylight training hours.

According to ASG Sport Solutions director Michael de Jongh, the store has already proved extremely popular with the local cycling community.

“Our site visits have more than trebled and the actual merchandising is growing every month as customers experience the site and word spreads.”

De Jongh says the online store caters for all three of the major disciplines – road, mountain biking and triathlon.

“With each of the disciplines we offer different models to cover the full spectrum of price points as well as the level of excellence riders need from their shoes.

“We also offer different spares for these ranges.”

He says a number of overseas-based online stores are already active in the local market, with the Sidi Online store presenting a proudly South African alternative.

“We offer the very best quality cycling shoes at internationally competitive prices through a secure and reliable, locally based store.

“This guarantees the best prices as well as back-up service and support.”

De Jongh says the national support and partner network is what sets the store apart from its international competitors.

“Our store was developed in conjunction with our Sidi dealer partners and a full list of our online partners is on the site.

“The main objective is to increase the availability of the Sidi brand by increasing stock within the dealer shops and by offering it online.”
“Each client can select the nearest dealer at checkout and his or her shoes are delivered to the store.”

He says shoppers can also opt to have the parcel delivered to a private address anywhere in South Africa, as well as other African countries.

All major credit cards are accepted and average delivery times are 48 to 72 hours after confirmation of payment.

“But most shoes reach their destinations sooner, especially around the major centres.”

De Jongh says the store will stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest shoes in the Sidi ranges.

“We believe it’s the world’s leading cycling shoe and we will always focus on the best shoes in each range.

“The pricing is very competitive, not only with local retail stores but also with international retail and online stores.”

Like regular shops, he says Side Online will run specials related to upcoming events as well as end-of-range and seasonal clearance sales.

“Currently, we have a 15 per cent off Ironman special, as well as other event specials.”

Register as a user at www.sidionline.co.za before March 19 and stand a chance to win 33% off your next purchase. Winners will be notified via email.

Visit www.sidionline.co.za for more information.

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