When it comes to sticking to a winning formula, the Edwards family has it all figured out. Breakthru have been looking after their sports nutrition for two generations.

In March this year, up-and-coming cross country triathlete Brad Edwards was the latest of the family to sign up with the sports nutrition company as a brand ambassador.

However, it wasn’t until the Springs resident arrived home and shared the news that he found his mother – Donne Caldwell – had occupied the same position a few years earlier.

She was a Springbok squash player in the early 1980s and Breakthru was there to support her. Now her son will keep the family tradition going and he couldn’t be happier.

“It really is great. The Breakthru team are very supportive and they treat you like family.

“They always call and ask how I’m doing, and whether I need anything. I’m very lucky.”

It would however seem that Brad creates his own luck. He placed second in the 20-24 age category at the ITU World Cross-Triathlon Championships held in The Hague during July.

“It’s been a dream of mine to be part of the championships. Just the thought of going out there and being able to race really drives you to give your best during training.”

For months prior to the event, he immersed himself in a gruelling training regime, aided by a dedicated fitness expert.

“She worked out a very detailed, intensive programme – every aspect of it was very carefully monitored.”

He emphasises that proper nutrition is key to successfully completing such a programme.

“When you’re training twice a day like I am, amino acids are absolutely vital. You don’t have a lot of time to recover, so when you take the right supplements, you can go to the next session ready to make the most of it.”

His sessions often consist of power workouts, combined with either swimming, cycling or running – with a break in-between.

“My favourite Breakthru product is undoubtedly the Protein Shake, which helps my recovery along.”

For those unfamiliar with this product, Micellar Casein, Whey protein and L-glutamine are the three powerhouse ingredients in the shake responsible for repairing muscle tissue.

On days that he needs some variation, he reaches for Recoup. “It’s an amino acid supplement that assists in muscle recuperation, but it comes in tablet form.”

During the event, Brad enjoys using energy gels and usually takes two or so when he’s competing.

“I especially like the Jolt. It just gives you that burst of energy, especially when you feel like you’re running low on sugars and you’re going to hit the wall soon.

“Rush is perfect for when you’re feeling a bit flat in the beginning of the race, as it contains amino acids and electrolytes.”

His advice is to try different products to find out what works for you. “Everyone’s body responds differently.”

Brad does however caution against relying solely on supplements. “A healthy diet is very important.”

Breakthru sports nutrition products are available at Dischem, Medirite, and leading pharmacies.

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