When you’re preparing for a race, the last thing you need is to spend precious time organising your race nutrition.

High 5, a UK-based performance nutrition company owned by athletes, have come up with a relatively simple solution for the South African market: race packs that take the pain out of packing.

Designed with a four-hour endurance event in mind, they have put together a combination of their products which will see everyone from the most advanced athlete to the beginner through a tough day in the saddle.

Not only does the kit comprise all the products you’ll need to complete (and recover after) the race, but it includes a handy, sport-specific nutritional guide to ensure you use the correct products at the right time.

The brand prides itself on keeping its products as natural as possible, which means no preservatives, colourants or sweeteners. WADA-banned substances are also avoided, so riders can rest assured that they’ll be enjoying the best nutritional products on offer while toeing the line.

Energy Gel Plus, one of the products included, is recommended for pre-race preparation, says Steyn du Plessis from ASG Sport, which distributes the range in South Africa.

The light gel avoids the trend of sickly sweet supplements by adding real fruit juice, making it refreshing and flavourful. About 30mg of caffeine adds the necessary kick to keep alert during the early morning starts.

The carbohydrate-water ratio of the gel ensures that it’s easily digestible and, for riders who have had bad experiences with gels, this will no doubt be a welcome addition to their regular race nutrition.

Caffeine can be a known irritant to sensitive stomachs, so riders will be pleased that High 5 includes additional caffeine-free gels in the kit, called Energy Gel.

To keep hydration up to the optimal point, Energy Source (along with an Energy Gel or two) needs to be taken during the race. The fruity drink combines maltodextrin and fructose in a 2:1 ratio, and has been proven to be more effective in energy delivery than gels with the same ratio.

A rider would need to ingest more gels than liquids, making it harder to reach the carbohydrate threshold in gel form. The formulation of Energy Source ensures a 40% higher rate of carbohydrate absorption than regular sports drinks.

It’s worth noting that Energy Source – as well as its caffeinated counterpart, Energy Source Xtreme – contains 30g more carbohydrates than traditional sports drinks, making it suitable for sport with a very high energy requirement.

Sachets of Zero are also included in the pack to provide a burst of electrolytes late in the race to reduce the likelihood of cramping.

Once the race is done, a Protein Recovery shake can be made with either milk or water to replenish tired muscles. The whey protein isolate is a quality form of protein and, if taken with milk, makes for a naturally-flavoured, refreshing drink.

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