The average age of the crowd dropped markedly as more than 9 000 Locnville fans streamed into the Fifa Fan Fest™ at St George’s Park in Port Elizabeth on Tuesday evening.

Hordes of youngsters took up their positions in front of the stage as much as two hours before the Chaplin twins were scheduled to make their second appearance in the Friendly City.

They – Brian and Andrew – did not disappoint and had the crowd in their pocket soon after the first notes of their opening track, “Twilight Eyes”, faded into the night.

That was followed by a mesmerising hour of their hip-hop infused dance music that included hits such as “I don’t like you” and “Sun in my pocket”. The curtain was brought down with “6 Second  Poison”, which, they admitted afterwards, was their favourite to perform live.

“We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who turned out to support us,” said Brian after their third Fan Fest appearance. “PE had a lot of energy tonight.”

locnville_live_crop_mailAfter a marathon autograph session, they were on their way to meet up with friends to watch the end of the game between Spain and Portugal. “I’m rooting for Portugal tonight, but I’m betting on Germany for the title,” said Brian.

Among the crowd was Port Elizabeth’s Nicole van Niekerk (13), who said she came specifically to watch the show. “I’m a fan of their music and they are also very hot.”

Thato Moerame (18), also from PE, enjoyed the performance “because they got the crowd going”, while Durbanite Emanuela Dunn (18) came to watch the duo perform her favourite track, “6 Second Poison”.

The two Capetonians – who describe themselves as ambitious, driven and slightly eccentric – said they were already focusing on their new album. “It will be traditional Locnville, but much more experimental in terms of vocals.”

After signing a global deal with Sony Music International in May, they have enjoyed an almost meteoric rise to stardom. However, according to Andrew, their followers can expect a whole lot more from them.

Their advice to young fans is to chase their dreams by setting lots of little goals and ticking them off along the way. “That’s what we did,” said Brian.

Their dream is to collaborate with artists such as Calvin Harris, the Parlotones and Tiny Temper and, who knows, they may soon be able to tick these names off their list.


Locnville’s Andrew and Brian Chaplin on-stage at the Fifa Fan Fest™ in Port Elizabeth on Tuesday evening. Photo: Richard Huggard

A portion of the 9 000-strong crowd that came to watch Locnville perform at the Fifa Fan Fest™ in Port Elizabeth on Tuesday evening. Photo: Richard Huggard

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