Port Elizabeth the Promised Land

Availability. Affordability. Accessibility. The three unique factors that have turned Nelson Mandela Bay, and Port Elizabeth in particular, into the proverbial Promised Land for investors.

It is clear – even for the untrained eye – that the baby of the country’s five metros is bursting at the seams. Every bit of vacant land is being grabbed up by investors, rezoned for commercial and industrial purposes, and sold off to the highest bidder.


Prof Otto Muller - Searching for the logic in things

At the age of seventy, one could expect the typical person to enjoy a well-deserved retirement, perhaps basking in the love and affection of children and grandchildren. But Professor Otto Müller of George is no average retiree.

The grey hair belies a sharp intellect and his blue eyes peering from behind his thin-rimmed spectacles are forceful when he talks about his life’s work and his passion to help people. Turning seventy this month (in June), he has already retired twice, but with more work to be done in the field of medicine research, he is back in the saddle.


Give me a classroom instead of a boardroom, says PE businessman

“Ordinary people doing extraordinary things” might be the slogan of local entrepreneur Pieter Rademeyer Junior’s latest venture, but there is no better way to describe this multi-faceted young man.

On second thoughts, this 26-year-old, who boasts entrepreneurial skills, good family connections, various university degrees – and a pair of piercing blue eyes to boot – is anything but ordinary.


Jak de Priester vind liefde en sukses op dieselfde paadjie

“Sally Williams Nougat”, wat soete herinneringe aan ’n geliefde in die verre aanwakker, het Jak de Priester vir die eerste keer sukses laat proe – in liefde én sy loopbaan.

Nie net gaan hy steeds uit met die meisie – Michelle du Toit – vir wie hy dit geskryf het nie, maar dit is ook die liedjie wat hom vierkantig op die pad na roem geplaas het, ’n pad wat eersdaags in die Oos-Kaap ’n draai maak as deel van sy Wintertoer.


Verlamde chirurg vind vrede ná ongeluk

Die skraal man met die effe grys in sy blonde hare en die helende hande is al nege ure op sy voete in die operasiesaal, besig om sy derde delikate skoueroperasie van die dag uit te voer. Bokant sy blou oë is ’n effense frons van konsentrasie, maar sy hande vat sekuur en raak.


Matching people with the perfect property - the Jaco Rademeyer story

When I phoned Jaco Rademeyer Estates to make an appointment to interview the man behind the name, Judy answered. My assignment, I told her, was to write a day-in-the-life piece on her jet-setter boss.

“Go-getter,” she corrected me and I cringed as I realised the connotations associated with the two nouns. Judy, his left and right-hand woman, duly obliged, but unceremoniously abbreviated the day-in-the-life idea to a mere interview.


Historical area gives Port Elizabeth character

Nearly two centuries ago the area above Govan Mbeki Avenue, known as Central Hill, was the most sought after residential area in Port Elizabeth. The wealthiest residents lived there in the largest and grandest homes.

Today the picture looks very different. In the past ten years, Central has increasingly gained a reputation for crime and dilapidated buildings.


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